Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finally and update

So obviously this has been a long time coming. Sadly I have no real update I have been wounded in action. I do however have about 15 Guardsmen fully built and with my hand beginning to heal I hope to start going full out and get at least my first platoon built within the week. No promises but if I am able to get them done you will be seeing some pictures.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Huge Change(s)

Well in order to get me some money and actually clean up I have sold all my armies. Thats right I have sold the Chorto 4th, a "yellow" IG army, the Doom Legion company and am still selling the Chaos.

However I have not been idle. Although I sold much I have actually taken time to refocus and decide where I wanted to go with my hobby. Obviously my first love is the IG and as such I will be building them up from scratch. I have a ton of models on sprue so that is good and will be fun. I am converting almost all the guns in the army and adding Pig Iron heads too. I will be adding a picture of the model soon. The basic plan is that they will be "Heresy" guard. Of course fluffwise they have supplied Regiments to the IG since before the Heresy so they can be used in almost any timeline. To start I am removing the Imperial Eagle from the torso and shaving of the raised section(for voxes and the like) on the models backs.

Now this might seem silly and crazy but most of Guard players are. I have also gotten my hands on the new codex(sitting right beside me now!)so I think that an army from scratch is my best bet. I want them to be fully converted and unique and as such a new army seemed easiest.

I have created a rough 500 point list from the new codex to allow me to build my army up in peices.

Company Command Platoon @ 100 Points
-Company Commander(Power Weapon)
-4 Veterans(2 Flamers, 2 with Laspistols and Medic)

Infantry Platoon @ 310 Points
Platoon Command Squad
-Platoon Commander(Power Weapon)
-4 Guardsmen(2 Flamers)

Infantry Squad
-9 Guardsmen(Heavy Bolter, Grenade Launcher)

Infantry Squad
-9 Guardsmen(Heavy Bolter, Grenade Launcher)

Infantry Squad
-9 Guardsmen(Lascannon)

Heavy Weapon Squad
-3 Heavy Weapon Teams(Mortars)

Veteran Squad @ 90 Points
-9 Veterans(2 Meltaguns)

500 Points.

I feel this list is effective at 500 points and can be used as a strong base for an army. I have 3 Mortars, plenty of Infantry killing power and a Lascannon + Meltas for armour and tougher infantry. Plus I end up with like 48 Models(well 51 if you count the Heavy Weapon teams as two which you don't really)so it seems solid.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Scary...yet exciting

So I decided that before I just tackled all my projects at once I would look at 4 things. 1) The armies I have 2) The models I have built and painted for each army 3) The models I have built but not painted 4) The models I have unbuilt still.

The prospect was down right scary however it turns out to be less scary than I thought. So to start out I have listed it as such;

Chorto 4th, IG Army
Built and Painted - 241 Guardsmen(Mix of Tallarns, Cadians and Mordians), 11 Tanks and 3 Super Heavies.
Built not Painted- Nothing.
Unbuilt - Nothing.

This doesn't suprise me as this has been my only fully done army forever it seems.

New Planetary Defence Force, IG Army
Built and Painted - Nothing!(I have chosen a new scheme and order some Pig Iron heads and am converting 150+ lasguns to be "Lange" pattern)
Built - 2x35 Platoons, 2 Bassies, 3 Leman Russes, 1 Command Squad + Commissar and 1 Chimera
Unbuilt - 120+ plastic Cadians(about 14-20 Heavy Weapons), 2 Leman Russes, 2 Chimeras, 1 Baneblade, 2 Sentinals

This is not so bad I was scared a lot more would be unbuilt and I am happy to say that this is my to do project.

Doom Legion, Space Marine Army
Built and Painted - 20 Tactical Marines, 10 Assualt Marines and 5 Scouts.
Built - 30 Tactical Marines, 5 Assualt Marines, 10 Devestator Marines, 10 Scouts, Command Squad, Librarian, Captain and 2 Rhinos, [6 Bikes, 1 Landspeeder, 1 Attack Bike and 6 Termies(I am selling these so they will not get painted]
Unbuilt - 20 Tactical Marines.

I actually thought this was going to be far from being done. I also didn't notice I have almost aquirred an entire Battle Company which is awesome. I think that I will finish these guys up over a few spare weekends I have at my local club.

Unknown Chaos Space Marine Force, Chaos Space Marine Army.
Built and Painted - Nothing
Built - 25 "Inductees"(Conversions mixing Catachans, CSMs and Maraduers to make barbarians inherited into the army) 20 Chaos Space Marines, 20 Khorne Berserkers, 7 Plague Marines, 10 Terminators, Chaos Sorcerer, 3 Chaos Bikers, a Rhino and 10 Heavy Weapon armed Havoks.
Unbuilt - 15 Chaos Space Marines, 1 Defiler(with Bits to make it a Brass Scorpion) and 1 Chaos Terminator Lord.

Actually this army was mostly a series of fun projects that I built for the sake of it. However I have noticed it takes up space and I am attempting to sell it(seriously if interested people! lol)and I doubt much work will be done on it other than the priming the built models have recieved. I am only going to keep the Berserkers and paint them for a fun project I am going to do.

Host of The Awakened, Lizardmen Army
Built and Painted - 1 Skink Priest, 1 Skink Chief, 10 Skink Skirmishers, 10 Skinks, 20 Saurus with Hand Weapons, 3 Kroxigors, 1 Stegadon and 5 Cold Ones(no riders)
Built - 1 Slann Mage Priest, 1 Old Blood on Cold One, 2 Scar-Veterans on Foot, 9 Temple Guard, 24 Saurus with Spears, 22 Skinks, 10 Skink Skirmishers, 2 Salamnders/6 Skink Handlers, 10 Saurus
Unbuilt - 1 Kroxigor, 24 Saurus, 10 Cold Ones and 42 Skinks.

As this is my chief and really only WFB army I am glad to see so much work is done on it. I will be building up the rest ASAP and then holding off the purchases until it is all painted and I see what I want and need. Obviously the Specials and Rares lack but they will be added eventually.

I should note that any pictures you see of these fellas is not of my own hand. I have actually hired a young painter who is quite skilled with a brush to paint this army for me. I am paying him unit by unit and he has his own armies and other peoples to go as such this army is a slow work I am however more than satisfied with the results thus far so am in no rush with him.

Daemons of Slaanesh, Warbands/Girlfriends Army
Built and Painted - 1 Squad of 5 Daemonettes(Nearly finished only)
Built - 5 More Daemonettes, 1 Masque/Herald of Slaanesh, 5 Vixen Harpies(Furies, converted from Daemonettes to have wings and other bits. Ment to still be Slaanesh) and 1 Fiend of Slaanesh.
Unbuilt - a Further 5 Daemonettes, 1 Pixie Base(Actually count as Nurglings but they are a base of Wood Elf beasties to be painted in our colour pallete and then used with those rules)

As I have mentioned this is not technically my army. I have actually found a girl who likes me and the models and has taken to painting. Although she doesn't play we have been building her a small Slaanesh only army(She loves the new Daemonette models)and I have decided to use it in our clubs little warbands campaign. Of course she does all the painting so any updates you see here is just for pride sake.

Those are actually my only projects so I feel good and I think I can actually manage to make a dent in these by this spring/summer in order to work fully and only on my IG army.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


So for those few of you who choose to read this/look at the pretty pictures I am Bryan Lang aka Mkoll. I am the prime Admin on one of the largest Imperial Guard forums on the web known as The Boot by its members or simply Boot Camp for those not in the "know"

As we have several major projects ongoing on the forum I have decided to create my own Blog to allow me to have some personal space per say and allow my army the Apă PDF to take shape and hopefully grow into a full army. This is my second actual IG army with the first being the Chorto 4th and being ancient and needing a lot of work.

This will not focus solely on my IG however, I have a Warhammer Fantasy army, an all Slaanesh Daemon Warband for fantasy(actually my girlfriends army but I use it in battle while she does the painting), A Space Marine army(The DOOOOOM Legion!) and some Chaos Space Marines that will be removed and possibly be mixed with a second/third guard army to make me a Khorne Cult army. I hope to have updates of all those projects as I go so enjoy them all.

With that said I welcome you to the Blog if you actually care and hope my army(ies) will be done over time here. My goal is at least 1 full post a week so wish me luck.